CruiseImage is an entirely new business model offered by Solumena, LLC to re-market souvenir media and provide online marketing for the cruise industry.

Currently, souvenir photos are available for purchase pre-cruise (as a package) or while on the cruise. Cruise lines would like to modernize onboard photo sales to improve the photo gallery experience and to offer digital products to their guests.

However, the window of opportunity for onboard sales is limited to the duration of the cruise. CruiseImage creates a new sales channel online to extend the window of opportunity for cruise guests to purchase their photos, thereby increasing photo revenue and guest satisfaction.

“We love getting our picture taken on cruises, but find it difficult to find the pictures in the photo gallery.”

“Often we were too busy doing other activities and did not have the time to go to the photo gallery.  I’m sure we missed purchasing some great pictures.”

–Common Cruise Guests’ Laments

Cruise Market

The modern cruise industry is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry with over 410 vessels sailing to over 2000 destinations worldwide. Growth continues into 2015 with a dozen new ocean-going vessels. CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) estimates that 21.3 million guests cruised worldwide in 2013 and projects 21.7 million guests for 2014.